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Random Acts of Kindness Business Sponsorships

Support Our Schools (SOS) recently announced an initiative to raise $8,000 during the months of February and March to perform “Random Acts of Kindness” for our schools. Through this program we aim to ensure no child will miss lunch, a field trip, or go without something they need to be successful at school. We are looking for business sponsors to help us achieve this goal.

As small business owners, the leadership of SOS understands how intertwined the health of our schools is to the health of our economy. We have developed three levels of recognition for businesses that support Random Acts of Kindness so that we can leverage our social network to thank you for your contribution. One of our leaders has built a business page to a following of over 13,000 people, and we can help you extend your reach and positive image too. The levels are as follows:

Basic Sponsorship

All business sponsors over $25 will be listed as a sponsor on our website and Facebook page and receive a window decal that will identify them as a family friendly business.

SOS has an engaged Facebook membership of more than 1,500 local parents, grandparents and friends of Kent County Schools.

Our administration group and members share information about our local schools and school related issues an average of 3-5 times a day, with very high post engagement. If you become a sponsor, your business information will be seen by our large and engaged group and their friends.

A Sample Ad We Design For You!

We are happy to help you get set up with a sponsorship for “Random Acts of Kindness.” To get started, fill out the contact form below or email Jodi Bortz at or call 410-849-9862 and we’ll walk you through the process and get your sponsorship publicity set up.

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We are a grassroots awareness and advocacy effort devoted to increasing awareness of and support for the needs, challenges, and untapped potential of our public school system—both for the sake of the current student population and for its opportunity to serve as a catalyst for economic development.

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