We are pleased to announce the creation of a new annual funding campaign for Kent County Public Schools called Random Acts of Kindness.

Earlier this year a member of our group posted an article about a community that had started giving anonymous donations to help cover the lunches of students whose family situations made it difficult for them to cover lunch and other school expenses. We were all struck by the generosity of this community and wondered if there was a need in our schools for similar assistance. After speaking with the KCPS Principals we found out that there are many times during the school year when they are faced with decisions about not only lunches but also participation in field trips, school activities, etc. where rather than have a student be excluded from the activity they elect to cover the expense. These unplanned expenses add up and need to be paid off at the end of each year. Our Principals have to find the money in their already tight budgets to make sure that all accounts are paid.

We want every student to participate fully in all the experiences our schools have to offer – our Principals are helping every day to make that possible. With the Random Acts of Kindness campaign we hope to help raise funds to cover these unplanned end of year expenses. We are asking the community to join us in making a contribution to our schools.

The Random Acts of Kindness campaign will kick off on May 1, 2017 and run for 30 days. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help offset the end of the year expenses faced by each school in our district. This will become an annual campaign that, starting next year, will kick-off on February 17th – also known as Random Acts of Kindness Day.